Heather at Home

Hi there.

This story begins, oh, around 1979.

I was five years old, and my mother let me choose a new color for my room. I chose yellow. I remember it vividly. The paint transformed the way the space looked, yes; but what stuck with me is the way it changed the way the room felt.

I’ve spent the past two decades bringing creative visions to life with the same end goal: to produce a particular feeling.

I am a Columbia University-trained curator and a former photo editor (and sometime prop-stylist) for Real Simple magazine. I have produced photo shoots for major brands, books with major architects, and public art installations with major artists, all of which developed my visual sensibility, my sense of story, and my project management skills. But I am happiest when creating that feeling of home, for myself and for my clients. I launched my decorating blog, Love Your Space, in January 2011, and Heather Peterson Design followed later that year.

Today I work with many styles, at most budgets, both locally and with clients across the country. Personally? I love Moroccan tile, Indian block print, Danish modern furniture, glazed ceramics, metallic gold, 50s chinoiserie, stylized florals, 70s art, fanciful chandeliers, all forms of rattan, and the color orange. I understand that most people are drawn to maybe one or two things on that list, if any, and I make this pledge: if you don’t like it, I won’t try to put it in your house. Because it is your home, and it should be filled with things you love.

The biggest compliment I could ask for (and I’ve heard it a lot!) is that I create rooms with personality. Not mine: Yours.

My work has been featured in Minneapolis St. Paul Home and Design Magazine, Style at Home, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Metro Magazine, CBS Online, and Apartment Therapy.