When I started this business in 2011, I focused on “budget decorating.” The country was in recession. People were tightening their belts. But this is also how I have always decorated (and dressed!): affordable vintage and big box finds mixed with high quality splurges that last. As I worked with more and more people, I realized that “budget” is relative. Everyone has one, and no matter what the size, most of my clients want the same thing: good value.

To feel great about decorating your home, it’s important to know what you value most. I remember an episode of What Not to Wear where a woman spent most of her budget on one perfect Prada dress. That worked for her, but it wouldn’t be right for everyone. Some people might prefer to compromise a little on everything in order to have a complete wardrobe. So too at home: part of my job is guiding you to choices that reflect not only your taste, but also your lifestyle and your values.


I work on small and large projects, both here in the Twin Cities and across the country. Every project is unique, but most include some or all of these services:
• Design Framework
• Space Planning
• Design Boards
• Material Selection
• Project Management
• Installation Oversight
• Styling
• Art Selection


Most clients hire me on an hourly basis, which I have found to deliver the best value, as well. For the ability to plan all expenses from the get go, flat fees may be available depending on project scope.

Working Together

Think I might be the decorator for you? Let’s talk. An initial phone call is a great way to get to know each other and see if this is a good fit.

In the end, I want to transform your space from a house you like to a home you love. But I also want you to have fun and learn from the process, and to feel great about the choices we make together.

Questions? Please e-mail me at